This afternoon I had a chance to talk to two of the main organizers of one of the biggest security events of the year, BSides London.  Paul Batson and Thomas Fisher have been working tirelessly (or maybe tiredly) for months to bring together all of the disparate elements required to make a conference come together.  And it's no mean feat when the people you're working with are all volunteers and the money comes from sponsors, both of whom believe in your cause.  This year will be my first chance to go to BSides London (this is the fourth) and I'm really looking forward to it.



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It only took 4+ weeks, but Martin and Zach are back on the air. Rich is back to his "(Inter)National Man of Mystery" routine, so he missed out on the somewhat lively discussion about drones, "secure" browsers, PCI, and, of course, the NSA.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 330

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Most of the time my competitors are afraid to talk to me on the podcast.  I'm a nice guy to the people I interview, so I don't know why they'd be afraid.  And this year at RSAC, Jag Bains the CTO at DoSArrest took a chance and talked to me.  While I did bring up that we're competitors, I let Jag explain to me how his company works and what they protect their customers from DDoS.  I still think we do it better, but it's good to hear what other people in the same field are doing.

NSPMicrocast - RSAC2014 - DoSArrest

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I had a chance to sit down with BeyondTrust CTO, Marc Maiffret.  I've had conversations with Marc before, but I haven't seen him since he has been at BeyondTrust, so I took this time to find out what they do and how it would be used by the average enterprise.  As with all my interviews at RSAC, I asked Marc how he felt the spying revelations of the last year have affected the security landscape, his company and him personally. 


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I caught up with John Dickson and Dan Cornell from the Denim Group to talk about creating secure coding environments within companies, the importance of having trainers who are themselves coders and, of course, a little bit about spying.  Which turned into a lot of bit about spying.  I should have asked them where the name 'Denim Group' comes from.

NSP Microcast - RSAC2014 - Denim Group

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I spent a few minutes with the CEO of Utimaco, Malte Pollman at RSAC this year.  Malte explains why Hardware Security Modules are important to the web of trust of the Internet, why lawful interception is a not in conflict with that web of trust.  As with all my interviews at RSAC, I asked Malte how the last year's worth of spying revelations have affected his company and him personally.  Also, I have a problem pronouncing the company name, which for the record is you-tee-make-oh.


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I caught Trey Ford right after his talk at the BSides Conference in San Francisco last month to talk about the efforts he's making on behalf of Rapid7 and the security community.  It may be a sign that we're a maturing industry when we've got folks like Trey traveling to Washington, DC in order to talk to lawmakers about how what they're doing affects our lives.  And, as with all my interviews this year, I ask Trey how revelations about our government has affected his personal as well as professional life.  Check out his site at

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About half way through the week Martin and Rich got together and recorded a short discussion about this year's RSA Conference.  There had been sightings of Zach, but at no point did all three members of the podcast manage to be in the same place at the same time with microphones.  Our intrepid hosts talk about intelligence, keynotes and how the vibe of the show is a bit more upbeat than it's been in the past.  And we really mean that, it's not a cynical, sarcastic way of saying something else.

NSPMicrocast-RSAC2014-Conference Review

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Hooray! The first podcast of the year where all three of us are actually on (and we ran slightly longer). BSidesSF and RSA are rapidly approaching, so Martin, Rich, and Zach are preparing in various capacities -- from talk preparation, to scheduling meetings, to preparing their livers (namely because that's about the only way to deal with some of the goings-on at RSA).

Network Security Podcast, Episode 329

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Well, we had a rather interesting attempt at a podcast tonight.  Rich is in Zombie mode, with a plague ridden house.  Zach is in a relatively new job and had to find a conference room to record in this week.  Which unfortunately meant he was kicked out of the room when we were almost done with the podcast.  And lastly, Martin was more interested in going drinking with a bunch of security geeks in London than editing a podcast.  At least this week all of our technology worked; last week we abandoned the podcast after nearly an hour of Martin saying, "But it worked two weeks ago and I haven't changed anything!" (He had, but that's a different issue.)

Network Security Podcast, Episode 328

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