I'm winding up my vendor list for RSA.  I looked at my mailbox and I have over 135 email threads (not emails, threads) of vendors asking for time to meet me and talk about their product.  I've got to start doing some maintainance on my podcasting equipment and make sure that everything I own is up to the task. 

The reins of the security blogger's meetup at RSA have been handed over to me.  Rich Mogull did 90% of the work for this event but had to step back for personal reasons and asked me to take over.  There are almost 20 confirmed bloggers, with half that number who have expressed interest in attending.  If you're a security blogger/podcaster/video blogger, drop me a line and I'll see about adding you to the list. 

Note:  I got another voicemail comment from Ben just after I recorded tonight's show.  I'll let you listen to it next week and respond.  "Why can't these companies just encrypt our data?"

Show Notes:
Network Security Podast, Episode 59, January 23, 2007

Time:  27:26

Sponsored by: Astaro Internet Security

Tonight's Music:  Circular Reasoning by Allison Crowe

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