Before we dig into this week's security news, we diverge (slightly) to talk about Emergency- This Book Will Save Your Life and disaster planning. I (Rich) read the book last week and found it to be a ton of fun; it's the story of a journalist who slowly descends into the rabbit hole of the survivalist community. Well written, with plenty of good advice and stories. It's not really a survival guide, more of a personal story and lessons learned.

I had a bit of a shock as I realized that most of my disaster plans aren't relevant anymore as my life status has changed. I used to be single, in Colorado, and part of the response infrastructure (which means access to a ton of resources). Now I'm married, with a child and pets. I can't really run off with a backpack and play hero if something bad hits.

We also delve into some IT related disaster planning, so this isn't a complete non-sequiter.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 167
Time:  32:13

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